You can find out about elections in Sandwell in 2020.

Wards and constituencies

Sandwell is divided into 24 wards each represented by three councillors.

Each ward is within a parliamentary constituency and we have four constituencies within the borough, each of which has a Member of Parliament.

You can view the maps of the wards and constituencies in Sandwell on the Ordnance Survey Election Maps website.  We can also provide printed copies of maps, upon request, for 30p each.  If you are interested, please email us at electoral_services@sandwell.gov.uk

Sandwell Council's Acting Returning Officer is only responsible for the administration of three of these constituencies as the Halesowen and Rowley constituency comes under the responsibility of the Acting Returning Officer for Dudley, based at Dudley Council

The whole of the borough comes under the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner's area and the West Midlands European Parliamentary Election Region.

We are committed to providing a quality electoral service - to see what we provide and what you can expect from us, including our performance, please see our Customer Charter for Elections Services.

How to vote

You will need to make sure that you are registered to vote. Once registered you can vote in one of three ways.

More information on how to vote

How to stand for election

If you are interested in standing for election in Sandwell, you can find more information on becoming a councillor.

Electoral register

Your name must be on the electoral register if you wish to use your right to vote. The Register of Electors (the Electoral Roll) is a record of people eligible to vote within Sandwell.

Election results

Here are the results for elections in Sandwell going back to 2008.You can also find out about the 2019 general election in Sandwell.