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The Mayor's office

Powers and duties of the Mayor

The Mayor is the first citizen of Sandwell and while the role is non-political one of the primary functions of Mayor is to preside over meetings of the Council. If he/she is not present at any meeting of the Council, then the Deputy Mayor has to preside. The Mayor must have a full knowledge of the provisions of standing orders but he/she can normally consult the Chief Executive. The Mayor's decision on the interpretation of standing orders and on any questions not provided for is final. The ruling of the Mayor on a point of order or on a personal explanation is not open to discussion. When the Mayor rises during a debate the member speaking should resume his seat and the Council should remain silent.

The Mayoralty attends numerous other events within the Borough and any individuals within the Borough are encouraged to request the attendance of the Mayor at their event. The Mayor will also attend functions out of the Borough involving Sandwell residents or organisations.

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