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Sandwell Towns Fund

Towns Fund Objectives

The objective of the fund is to drive the economic regeneration in towns to deliver long term economic and productive growth through: - 

  • Urban Regeneration, planning and land use
  • Skills and enterprise infrastructure
  • Connectivity 

Urban regeneration, planning and land use - what does this mean?
Urban regeneration, planning and land use involves the redevelopment of the town and underutilised land. 

With the help of partners and the community, we want to regenerate West Bromwich, Smethwick and Rowley Regis to ensure the towns are thriving and create a better environment that is a great place to live and work. We want to achieve this by looking at the opportunities to utilise ur local assets, deliver more housing, improve green spaces, commercial properties and improve the towns retail offer. 

Skills and enterprise infrastructure - what does this mean?
The skills and enterprise infrastructure focuses on driving private sector investment and ensuring towns have  the space to support skills and small business development. We want to invest in our towns to support education, training and skills and create a social and creative environment. We want to look at how we can improve our education and skills offer by working with partners and local businesses. 

Connectivity - what does this mean?
This theme covers two areas - physical and digital. 

We want those who live and/ or work in West Bromwich, Smethwick and Rowley Regis to be better physically connected. We want to ensure there are good transport links (train, bus, car) and look at improving the cycle and walking infrastructures.

We want residents, communities and businesses better digitally connected. We want to improve access to the internet through faster broadband speed, Wi-Fi, and mobile data. We want to ensure users have the digital skills and confidence to use digital devices and that accessibility meets the user's needs.

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