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Latest News

August 2022
The Digital Den is now open: minimising digital exclusion, maximising employment and training opportunities

Led by Greets Green Community Enterprises, The Digital Den - the first complete Sandwell Towns Fund project - launched yesterday (16 August) in West Bromwich, provides online digital access for children, adults and older people. Read the full article here.

August 2022
Urban Greening Project starts in West Bromwich - enhancing green spaces in the town centre.

Work is set to begin on the first phase of the Urban Greening project in West Bromwich town centre, which will improve green spaces and boost the physical and mental wellbeing of local people. Read the full article here.

June 2022
£25m secured for West Bromwich as government approve the remaining three projects.

This means that Sandwell Council and its partners have successfully secured the full £67.5 million Towns Fund offer for the borough.

The three remaining West Bromwich Town Deal projects were approved by government this week. To mark this milestone, a West Bromwich Towns Fund Press Release was published on Friday 24 June 2022 that includes details of the six projects and what they will deliver collectively in terms of jobs, number of learners assisted, the amount of new greenspace and the amount of new and improved cycle ways and pedestrian paths.

Sandwell Council has worked in partnership with Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, Canal & River Trust, Greets Green Community Enterprise Centre and Sandwell College (Sandwell’s Towns Fund Partnership) to help secure £67.5 million Towns Fund investment in total for Sandwell. This is the largest amount for any local authority area under the Towns Fund programme.

Now government have approved all 16 projects within the Sandwell Towns Fund Programme, project delivery is now under way. As it is a five-year programme, projects will come to life at different points during this period. Project progress and consultation events will be published on the website.

View out historic 'Latest News' here.

Our Story

On 6 September 2019 it was announced that 101 towns had been identified by Government to benefit from the Towns Fund which comprises £3.6billion with up to £25million per town being available. The amount of funding allocated to each town will be based on a Town Deal agreed with Government.

West Bromwich, Smethwick, and Rowley Regis have been invited by the Government to create a Town Deal. This is a really exciting opportunity to bring investment into Sandwell. 
The objective of the fund is to drive the economic regeneration in towns to deliver long term economic and productive growth through:
  • Urban regeneration, planning and land use
  • Skills and enterprise infrastructure
  • Connectivity

Find out more on what the Towns Fund objectives mean 


Town Deal Boards

To coordinate the three Town Deals in Sandwell, an overarching Towns Fund Superboard (Town Deal Board) was established in July 2020 with three town-level Local Boards established as working groups of the Superboard. This model of the Superboard being supported by the three Local Boards was effective throughout Phase 1 - Development of Town Investment Plans (submitted to government in October 2020) and Phase 2 - Development of Full Business Case (summary documentation submitted to government by March 2022), through robust due diligence and assurance processes.

On 18 May 2022, SMBC Cabinet approved the governance arrangements for the Towns Fund Programme Phase 3 - Delivery. As a result, the Sandwell Superboard structure has been replaced by the three Local Boards who each become a Town Deal Board and inherit Superboard responsibilities: -

You can view Town Deal Board meeting packs by clicking on the links above. 

To view historic Sandwell Superboard meeting papers, click here.

Town Deal Board Roles and Responsibilities

The Town Deal Boards comprises a wide range of key stakeholders from community, business, voluntary, public-sector and faith organisations as well as local MPs. To find out more about the roles of the Town Deal Board members, you can view the Towns Fund Terms of Reference. All board members are required to read, sign and complete the Towns Fund Code of Conduct.

Town Investment Plans and Projects

Town Investment Plans

We have submitted our Town Investment Plans (TIP) for West Bromwich, Smethwick and Rowley Regis to Government for review. A summary of the Town Investment Plans can be viewed by clicking the red buttons below.

West Bromwich TIP Summary               Smethwick TIP Summary               Rowley Regis TIP Summary

How we developed the projects
The Local Boards and Superboard considered a range of information about each town including statistical evidence, opportunities and strengths, engagement findings, project ideas raised and economic challenges facing the town. A long list of projects was created that met the Governments criteria. This was then narrowed down to a shortlist of projects that have been included in the submission to Government.


Get Involved

There are currently no live consultation activities. 

Historic Engagement Activities and Findings

Smethwick Ron Davis Centre Expansion Project

Thank you to everyone who completed the online survey and visited the Ron Davis Centre throughout the consultation period, your input on the future use of the Ron Davis Centre is extremely valuable. The project team are reviewing feedback and results will be published on this website in the near future.

West Bromwich Town Hall Quarter Project

Throughout October and early November 2021, we asked you to have your say on the future use of the West Bromwich Town Hall and Central Library. The West Bromwich Town Hall Quarter project aims to restore both the West Bromwich Town Hall and Central Library and to develop new community spaces. We would like to thank everyone for their comments to help shape this project. We have received lots of feedback on what activities and improvements you would like to see in the buildings and findings will be posted to the website in due course. 

Rowley Regis Towns Fund - Britannia Park Community Hub and Greenspace Improvements

The public consultation event for the Britannia Park Community Hub and Greenspace Improvements project took place during August 2021. We've received lots of feedback on the proposals for Britannia Park and we would like to thank everyone for their input. Your feedback will help shape the final designs for the park. 

West Bromwich Towns Fund - Urban Greening Project Proposals

During August 2021, we invited you to have your say on the proposed design ideas for the West Bromwich Towns Fund Urban Greening project. We'd like to thank everyone who took part in this consultation activity, your feedback is extremely valuable to assist the final designs of the project. 

West Bromwich Masterplan 

Throughout July and August 2021, we invited you to have your say on the West Bromwich Masterplan and Interim Planning Statement. This included both online and face to face consultation. The team are extremely grateful for the feedback received and we'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to review the plans and for submitting feedback to help shape the regeneration of West Bromwich.

Town Investment Plans

Throughout 2020, we have invited you to get involved and share your views to help shape the Town Investment Plans for West Bromwich, Smethwick and Rowley Regis.

With COVID-19 impacting how we can engage with you (face to face, community events and workshops, etc.) we have adapted our usual engagement methods and continue to explore how we can best engage with you, local communities and business in the future. 

We have asked you to complete online surveys, held one to one telephone interviews, utilised social media, identified and reviewed data already available to the council from previous activities, facilitated virtual workshops with local community organisations, local businesses and held young people's engagement sessions to get feedback on the priorities for each town and your views on what projects should be put forward in the Town Investment Plans.

The feedback received is extremely valuable and we'd like to thank everyone who has been involved. You can view feedback received by clicking the links below: - 

Thank you for completing our surveys.

As part of our consultation programme, we asked you to complete our Phase 1 Town Deal Survey, which closed on 25 August 2020, to get your views and ideas on what you would like to see in the Town Investment Plans. We then asked you to complete our Phase 2 Town Deal Survey which closed on Wednesday 30 September 2020, which was designed to get your views on the projects that were shortlisted for the Town Investment Plans for West Bromwich, Smethwick and Rowley Regis.

We'd like to thank everyone who completed the surveys, your feedback is extremely valuable. We have used this to create our shortlisted projects and design the projects put forward in the Town Investment Plans.


#MyTown was launched by Government to allow members of the public to make suggestions and submit ideas for West Bromwich, Smethwick and Rowley Regis. You can visit MyTown to read the suggestions made when the Towns Fund programme was first announced.

Media and Communications

Press Release - Published 17 August 2022
Digital Den: minimising digital exclusion, maximising employment and training opportunities

Press Release - Published 16 August 2022
Urban Greening project starts in West Bromwich - enhancing green spaces in the town centre

Press Release - Published 24 June 2022
£25m West Bromwich Towns Fund projects approved by government - securing £67.5m total for Sandwell

Press Release - Published 15 June 2022
Sandwell achieves another regeneration milestone: £19m secured for Rowley Regis Towns Fund

Press Release - Published 24 May 2022
Forging ahead: government go-ahead for Smethwick Towns Fund 's £23.5m regeneration projects

Press Release - Published 24 March 2022
Sandwell submits Towns Fund regeneration plans to Government 

Press Release - Published 11 February 2022
Best foot forward: work to begin on new Smethwick walking route

Press Release - Published 8 November 2021
Improved accessible routes and features open up the unique charm of Warrens Hall

Press Release - Published 23 September 2021
Planning professionals recognise West Bromwich Outdoor Market’s excellence

Press Release - Published 9 August 2021
Have your say on our exciting plans for Britannia Park in Rowley Regis

Press Release - Published 3 March 2021
Sandwell set to receive £67.5 million regeneration boost

Press Release - Published 15 January 2021
Town projects to get under way following funding boost

Press Release - Published 8 January 2021
Work to start on new cycle lane in Smethwick

Press Release - Published 11 August 2020 
Have your say on how £75 million Towns Fund investment is spent

Press Release - 14 July 2020
Council bids for millions of pounds for towns

Press Release - Published 7 September 2019
Major £75m boost for West Bromwich, Rowley Regis and Smethwick town centres

Contact Us

If you have any ideas to contribute or would like to find out more about how you can get involved, please contact:

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