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Cabinet and council structure | Sandwell Council

Cabinet and council structure

The Statutory Deputy Leader of the Council is Councillor Maria Crompton. 

The Leader appoints members of the Council to their Cabinet. Each cabinet member is responsible for specific issues and services - this is known as their portfolio.

The current cabinet members are:

  • Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Equality – Councillor Iqbal Padda
  • Cabinet Member for Living Healthy Lives – Councillor Farut Shaeen
  • Cabinet Member for Skills and Employment – Councillor Rajbir Singh
  • Cabinet Member for Best Start in Life – Councillor Joyce Underhill
  • Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport – Councillor Jackie Taylor
  • Cabinet Member for Homes – Councillor Keith Allcock
  • Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Inclusive Economic Growth – Councillor Danny Millard
  • Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Resources and Core Services – Councillor Wasim Ali

The council's constitution sets out the procedures, regulations and protocols in relation to decision making.You can find this document on the council's Committee Management Information System.