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Sandwell Intervention Areas

Eastern Quarter - West Bromwich

West Bromwich is Sandwell's Strategic Town Centre, located in the heart of the Borough. It offers excellent links to Birmingham and Wolverhampton via the Midland Metro Line 1. The main stop in West Bromwich, West Bromwich Central can allow passenger access to Birmingham with 15 minutes and Wolverhampton in approximately 20 minutes with a service frequency of just 6 minutes. 

Junction 1 of the M5 is one mile away and the main West Bromwich Bus Station offers access to the wider area via a number of bus services. These excellent transport links, proximity in the heart of the retail centre and employment opportunities make this area a sustainable location for investment in new housing and business to meet the town and region's needs.

The town has seen significant regeneration over the last 15 years with major development of new retail park, Health Centre, Police Station, Colleges and Sixth Form facilities, a new underpass at the A41 junction and new housing at The Lyng and Urban 180. In addition to this the addition of New Square has provided additional retail offer and leisure facilities to meet the needs of the growing population and large student population. Public realm improvements and key transport nodes have also been significantly upgraded to reflect the new investment being attributed to this town centre redevelopment.

Due to the focussed regeneration around the New Square development, it has become necessary to re-evaluate the town centre offer and what the future provision in the town should be. A revision of the currently adopted strategy has commenced, looking at the consolidation of retail and leisure within a much more constrained area. This provides an opportunity for the eastern side of the town, referred to as Eastern Quarter. The aspiration is for more high-quality town centre living accommodation, that will not only retain the existing but continue to attract a skilled workforce, that will sustain and support the growth of traditional town centre uses, supporting retail and business. Sandwell Council is working to support the delivery of more than 1600 new town centre homes in West Bromwich and a supporting leisure, retail and commercial offer, which will bring new users and sustain the long-term viability of the town centre.

Eastern Quarter - West Bromwich

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