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Sandwell Intervention Areas

Greater Icknield and Smethwick (Grove Lane)

This is a 30ha site, in the Smethwick area of Sandwell, on the border with Birmingham.  It is bounded by a dual carriage way on its western and southern edge and Birmingham canal provides the frontage to the site's northern edge.  The eastern edge represents the border with Birmingham and features a large public park.

The site currently comprises a mix of retail and industrial uses with 6.76ha dedicated to the development of a new £353m NHS hospital, due for completion in 2022.  This is bringing with it improvements to transport including a new bus hub to serve the area. The area was awarded Housing Zone status in October 2016 and some of the sites are allocated within the Sandwell Site Allocations and Delivery DPD.

The site represents a prominent gateway for both Sandwell and Birmingham. It lies 2.3 miles from the centre of Birmingham and 4.6 miles from West Bromwich, Sandwell's Strategic Town Centre.  Its' attractive location, well served by facilities and transport connectivity, means it represents a strong residential development opportunity and a key component of regeneration plans for Smethwick, as set out in its Area Action Plan.

The site has been divided into six phases for development as shown on the map.

Discussions are in hand with West Midlands Combined Authority to investigate the best delivery model to enable redevelopment of this area for new, much needed housing in this sought after part of the Borough. It is estimated that up to 860 new homes could be accommodated within the area along with associated highway improvements and a new primary school to serve the new residents.

However, there are challenges in bring forward residential development such as the relocation of existing businesses, acquisition costs and land remediation.  The council are able to offer support and assistance with many of these aspects and will continue to seek appropriate funding to overcome barriers to development.

Grove Lane Housing Zone Sites

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