Urban 180: homes, offices and shops

Urban 180

Located between Bull Street, High Street and Overend Street in the town centre, Urban 180 is a mixed-use development which will provide West Bromwich town centre with high quality affordable homes, office space and retail units. The £20 million project is a partnership between Sandwell Council, Accord Group and the Homes and Communities Agency which is transforming the site into a thriving and attractive modern residential and community enterprise space.

Phase 1 of the project is now complete providing a mixture of 29 new private and affordable 2, 3 and 4-bed homes, featuring innovative design and complemented by green spaces. In April 2014, Urban 180 was recognised with a Built in Quality and Construction Excellence Award for its sustainability.

Phase 2 of the scheme is will provide a further 40 new homes and apartments once completed from March 2015. From April 2015 the third and final phase of the Urban 180 will commence and will include the construction of 2 three bedroom homes and 25 apartments with an open community enterprise space located on the ground floor. It is anticipated that work will last approximately 18 months.

This project will significantly contribute to the social and economic regeneration of West Bromwich town centre.

The Urban 180 scheme will:

  • provide high quality, sustainable and affordable housing in the town centre;
  • create new office space opportunities;
  • improve the appearance of the area with a landmark building at the eastern entrance of West Bromwich town centre;
  • provide safe and attractive pedestrian links to Dartmouth Park, High Street and the wider town centre.

View the progress in our photo gallery

Photos iconView photographs showing the progress of the Urban 180 scheme as it begins to take shape. The photo gallery will be updated regulary.

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