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Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) support

Data about Sandwell - Sandwell Trends

Sandwell Trends

Sandwell Trends is a council website that contains comprehensive information about Sandwell. This is valuable data that can help voluntary and community groups to evidence need in their community and to support applications for funding.

Sandwell Trends

You will be able to find a range of specific information required by funders, such as local performance indicators against regional and national indicators as well as demographic and ward details.

You will also be able to cut and paste specific tables from the site into your funding application to enable funders to see graphical information in an easy to understand format.

If there is specific information you feel that this section should provide or would be of benefit to yourself as a fundraiser, please contact Jason Copp at Research Sandwell on 0121 569 3078  or e-mail: