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Personal licence

A personal licence permits a person to sell alcohol. Alcohol cannot be sold in licensed premises unless there is at least one person with a personal licence who is nominated as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS).

Personal licence applications can only be made to the licensing authority in whose area you are ordinarily resident. If you do not live in the Sandwell area, you cannot submit your personal licence application to Sandwell Council. Your Personal Licence has effect indefinitely.

To obtain a personal licence you need to:

  • Obtain an accredited qualification, these are listed on the Home Office site.
  • Having obtained the qualification you can make an application for a Personal licence by completing an application form and declaration of convictions form. The relevant forms can be downloaded from the Home Office site.
  • Our advice on completing these forms is set out below.
  • You have to submit with the forms two photographs one of which has to be certified, details of the requirements are set out below.
  • Having completed the forms you send them to: Trading Standards and Licensing, Sandwell Council House, PO Box 2372, Oldbury B69 3BS, with the fee of  £37.00.  Cheques are to be made payable to Sandwell M. B. C.

Guidance on what must be included in your application

Two photographs these have to be a head and shoulders photograph the size of which has to be 45mm x 35mm (this is the standard size produced in photo-booths).

Taken against a light background, head uncovered (unless head covering worn due to religious beliefs) and without sunglasses. One of the photographs has to be endorsed (certified) saying it is a true likeness of you.  This endorsement can be done by a solicitor, person of standing in the community (bank or building society official, police officer, civil servant or minister of religion) or person with a professional qualification.  The person endorsing the photograph should write on the back of the photograph 'I certify this is a true likeness of applicant's name'.  The name, signature and profession of the person endorsing your photographs should be included.

Disclosure of convictions declaration form

Part 1. Your personal details. This must be completed in full whether you have any convictions or not.  If you have changed your name for any reason (marriage etc.) then you also need to complete the second box.

Part 2.  Forfeiture of personal licence in the last 5 years. This must be completed

Part 3. Relevant or foreign offences This must be completed in full.  You have to provide details of any relevant convictions on this form.  You will find attached at Appendix A, a list of the convictions that your must disclose.  If you have no relevant convictions or foreign offences, tick the NO box.  Continue on a separate piece of paper if necessary.

Part 4. Declaration This must be signed by you and dated

Part 5. Declaration This is a separate declaration to part 4 and must be completed. Please ensure that you have read and understood the declaration before you sign it and date it.  There are severe penalties for making a false declaration

Criminal Convictions Certificate

In addition to the Disclosure of Convictions and Declaration form, you must submit with your application an original Criminal Convictions Certificate, such certificate must be issued no earlier than one calendar month before the giving of the notice of application to the Local Authority. This can only be obtained from The Disclosure and Barring Service. For further details you will need to call their helpline number 03000 200 190, or visit their website.

Licensing Qualification Certificate

You must be the holder of an accredited personal licence qualification to apply for a personal licence.  Details of the accredited personal licence qualification providers can be found overleaf.

You must submit your original certificate of having completed an accredited course with your application. accredited qualification, these are listed on the Home Office site.

When you have completed your application for a personal licence

In the case of a new application you should send all the original forms with two photographs - one of which must be endorsed, your criminal convictions certificate, your qualification certificate and the fee of £37.00. to the address below:

Trading Standards and Licensing
Sandwell Council House
PO Box 2372
B69 3BS

(Please note that the Licensing Team are not based at this address)

Our email:

Renewal of a Personal Licence

As from 1 April 2015 it is no longer necessary to renew a personal licence. Your Personal Licence has effect indefinitely.

Trading Standards and Licensing
Sandwell Council House
PO Box 2372
B69 3BS

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