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Work Choice for Businesses

Work Choice is a free service available from Sandwell Council to assist local employers to recruit and retain reliable and motivated staff.

Employers recruiting though the Work Choice programme will have access to:

  • Free recruitment and selection service:  We will work with you to match your vacancies and business needs to the skills of our candidates. 
  • Motivated people:  We will identify motivated people who want to work for your company.
  • Working interviews:  You can minimise the risk by 'try before you hire' recruitment as we will pre-screen candidates and arrange a no obligation working interview or a work trial.
  • Funding towards training and development:  We can fund initial training and development costs so that your employee can grow and become an asset to your company. 
  • Funding towards adjustments and equipment:  We can support you to access Government funding for work related adjustments or equipment.
  • Advice and Guidance to all:  We will provide ongoing individual advice and guidance to you and your employee.

Work Choice is an employment support programme for people who want to return to work but may require additional support because of a health condition or disability. 

Our candidates receive intensive support and mentoring in the pre-employment stage to ensure they are ready for work.  Where ongoing support needs are identified, these are discussed with you in advance.

One in seven of the working population is disabled of these only 17% are disabled for birth.  Employing someone with a health condition or disability is no more of a risk than employing anyone else and a Work Choice candidate may have talents that can really benefit your business.

Employ a young person through Work Choice and receive up to £2,275*

The wage incentive scheme is a Government initiative to encourage employers to employ young people on the Work Choice programme.

The job must be for a minimum of 26 weeks and be for 16 hours or more a week.

*Terms and conditions apply.  Not available to central government department.

For more information about Work Choice call us on:  0121 569 5981.

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