Catching a taxi safely

Do you know who is taking you home tonight?

Remember, always use a Licensed Taxi or Pre-booked Private Hire Vehicle.

Taxis (Hackney Carriages) can be hailed in the street. Many of the Taxis look like black cabs. All Taxis have an illuminated Taxi sign on the roof. They may also have corporate advertising that covers the entire body of the Taxi.

Licensed Private Hire Vehicles cannot be hailed in the street. They must be pre-booked with an operator otherwise they are not insured and no record of the journey can be traced.

The vehicle must have a Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council ID plate fitted to the rear of the vehicle and another displayed on the inside. The driver will have two photo ID badges, one must be worn and the other must be displayed inside the vehicle.

Cars cruising the streets looking for customers are illegal, uninsured and potentially dangerous.

If possible, book a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle in advance. Ask for the driver's name, as well as the make and colour of the car.

Confirm the driver's details when they arrive - is it the Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle you ordered?

If you are ordering a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle from a public place try not to let people overhear your name and address - anyone could pretend to be your Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle.

Sharing a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle with a friend and sitting in the back of the car are all good safety strategies.

If you chat to the driver, be careful not to give out any personal details.

NEVER use Taxis or Private Hire Vehicles that are not licensed. If you do you are getting into a vehicle with a stranger.

Many people who have used unlicensed vehicles have been the victims of crimes such as rape, assault and theft.

Taxi and Private Hire Licensing
Tel: 0121 569 6655