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Pet memorial garden at Sandwell Valley Crematorium | Sandwell Council

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Pet memorial garden at Sandwell Valley Crematorium

We understand that losing a pet can be an emotional time. We have designed our garden to meet the needs of pet owners.

Set amongst green fields we have provided a tranquil place for families to come and remember their beloved companions.

The Pet Memorial Garden



Our services


Choose from either an individual burial or a burial of ashes ; you are able to come to view this area with or without an appointment.  

When undertaking our pet burial services we ensure that we follow the APCC Code of Practice.


We have a dedicated area for families to scatter the ashes of their pets.

Please note: We do not have the facility to provide pet cremations on site however if you need any information about your nearest pet crematorium please call us.


Memorials can be a special way to remember your pet.

If you have chosen a burial you can choose to get a headstone memorial from us. Headstones for our Pet Memorial Garden must be purchased through our office.

Keepsakes and jewellery

You may wish to take a small amount of your pet’s ashes home with you. We have a variety of different urns and keepsakes that you can choose from.

We also offer keepsake jewellery which is specially designed to hold a small amount of your beloved pet’s ashes.


Burials - in an individual plot

  • Small £162
  • Medium £225
  • Large £336

Burial memorials

  • Memorial headstone (including an inscription of your choice) £485
  • Plot marker £8

Scattering ashes 

  • Ashes scattering (including a small inscribed plaque) £109
  • Scattering (including a large inscribed plaque) £120

Above ground ashes

  • Leaf memorial (medium including urn) £485
  • Leaf memorial (large including urn) £606

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