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Pre-paying for a burial or cremation | Sandwell Council

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Pre-paying for a burial or cremation

Funeral planning can be an unsettling process for some.

However, having your wishes known and planned can help protect your loved ones from the stress and expense of arranging the funeral.  

Choosing to pre-purchase your cremation or burial within Sandwell will mean that you will pay today's price, avoiding the rising costs of a funeral.

Cremation is becoming more common for families and can provide flexible options when considering where you want your remains placed, as well as less restrictive costs and peace of mind.

If you would like to pre-purchase a cremation or burial then you will need to complete a pre-purchase a cremation form or a pre-purchase a burial form and return it to us at Sandwell Valley Crematorium. Our address is on the form.

If you need help filling in these forms please email or call 0121 569 6700.