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Blue Lid recycling

Contamination Project

What happens if my blue lid recycling bin contains unsuitable items?

We can’t empty recycling bins when they contain items that can’t be recycled.

We are finding a lot of unsuitable items in recycling bins and this causes problems when they are sent to the plant for recycling.

We are working with residents to reduce this problem. This is how we’ll handle the problem of incorrect items being put in recycling bins:

The first and second time we find your recycling bin contains unsuitable items, we will leave a sticker on the bin telling you which items you need to remove before your next collection day. We will record what needs to be removed - you can view this by logging onto your MySandwell account (you need to register for a MySandwell account.)

If the items that can’t be recycling are not removed by your next collection, we may come to visit you to explain what can and can’t be recycled. We might put a leaflet through your door with further information.

If you still put incorrect items in your blue lid bin, we will send you a letter about what you can put in your blue lid bin. This will include any details of visits we’ve made or leaflets we’ve left for you. Hopefully this will resolve the situation.

If after doing this the unsuitable items are still being put in your bin, as a last resort we will remove your blue lid recycling bin.

We now provide a free text and email update service which you may like to subscribe to.

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