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Putting out rubbish for collection | Sandwell Council

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Putting out rubbish for collection

There are changes to bin collections and our waste services due to coronavirus. For the latest information visit our coronavirus bins page.

Food waste collections are currently suspended. Check when they restart here.

If you suspect you have Covid-19 please put used tissues and other disposable cloths in a separate bin bag to other waste.
This should be double bagged and kept aside for 72 hours before putting in your household (grey) bin as normal.
Please ensure the bin lid is closed when you put it out for collection. Other household waste and recycling can be disposed of as usual.

In Sandwell we collect recycling, household rubbish and food waste every week.

Food waste bin collections have been suspended as these cannot be carried out due to the current social distancing guidelines and collection method for this service.

Open bin lids

If you don't know when your bins are collected, you can check your bin day using your postcode and house number.

Please put your bins at the edge of your property by 6.45am on your collection day.

Please make sure bin lids are closed and that all of your rubbish is inside your bin. We do not take black bags or other waste left at the side of the bin.

This information applies to houses with wheelie bins. Flats and apartments have different arrangements for their communal bins.

What goes in your bins 


Blue lid recycling binYou can put the following in your blue lid recycling bin:

  • paper
  • cardboard and card
  • food and drink cans
  • food and drink cartons
  • plastic packaging (including plastic bottles and plastic food trays)
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic carrier bags - please empty bags before putting these in your recycling bin
  • empty aerosol cans.

Make sure you break up any boxes, squash cans and plastic bottles etc to maximise the amount of recycling you can fit in your bin.

Do you want to increase your recycling, but your blue bin is always full? Request a bigger blue bin.

For a quick guide to what you can or can’t put in your blue lid recycling bin, check out our recycling guide.  

Food waste - collections currently suspended

Brown food waste binYou can put the following in your food waste container:

  • fish
  • tea and coffee grounds
  • bread and pastries
  • meat and bones
  • fruit and vegetables
  • dairy.

Garden waste

Green waste binYou can put the following in your green garden waste bin:

  • grass cuttings
  • shrub and hedge clippings
  • plants and weeds
  • leaves
  • twigs and bark
  • flowers

Household waste

Grey household waste binAnything that can't be recycled can go in your household waste bin, for example:

  • hard plastics, such as toys
  • polystyrene plastic
  • pet bedding
  • dog mess or other pet waste
  • cat litter
  • disposable nappies, incontinence or sanitary products
  • heavily soiled or greasy packaging (ie pizza boxes/chip papers)
  • wet or soiled paper
  • textiles that are worn out or soiled and otherwise can't be given to a charity shop or collection
  • foil plastics such as sweet or crisp packets
  • broken pottery or cookware

If you have extra rubbish or recycling that won't fit in your bin, save it until the next week.

Confidential or personal information 

Please make sure you dispose of confidential or personal information, such as bills or bank statements, responsibly.

If you do have waste that contains personal information, it's recommended you shred it before throwing it away.

Please don't put shredded paper in your blue lid recycling bin as this will end up littering your street when your bin is emptied. Shredded paper should be bagged up and put in your grey domestic waste bin.

You can also put small amounts of shredded or sections of paper into your home compost bin if you use one in your garden.