Healthwatch: the independent consumer champion for health and social care

Healthwatch Sandwell is commissioned by the council to enable the views and experiences of people who use services to influence and improve the way that health and social care services are provided and run. It is a committee of the Care Quality Commission, whose job is to make sure that health and social care services meet government standards of quality and safety.

It operates both locally and nationally. There is a Healthwatch England and local Healthwatch organisations across the country.

Healthwatch has various statutory powers and duties to make sure that services meet local needs and that that local people's views have a real impact. Anyone can speak to Healthwatch about their experiences of local health or social care services.

Healthwatch Sandwell is funded by the council, however it is an organisation in its own right. We are responsible for making sure it is operating effectively and for making the appropriate changes if it is not.

What local Healthwatch does

  • It provides information about health and social care services - call 0121 569 7210.
  • It champions local views and raises concerns with people who arrange and provide services.
  • It monitors standards of health and social care services locally and reports back to appropriate decision-making and monitoring bodies.
  • It can make recommendations and report back concerns about, and knowledge and experience of, local services to Healthwatch England.

Contact Healthwatch Sandwell

Call: 0121 569 7210

Find out more

For more about the background to Healthwatch, a further explanation of its functions and purpose, and the latest updates, visit the Healthwatch website.