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Sandwell Health and Wellbeing Board

Sandwell Health and Wellbeing Board (hwb)

Sandwell's Health and Wellbeing Board brings together influential people from the council and NHS - including council cabinet members (councillors) and doctors responsible for planning and arranging health services - and a community representative (from Healthwatch Sandwell). We make sure that services work together with the same aims, so that resources (time, money and people) are used where they can make the biggest impact. By working together, we will be more effective than working separately.

We want everyone in Sandwell to have an equal opportunity to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. As a council, we have a responsibility to make sure that the services we provide or arrange help improve the lives of all our citizens. The council must work closely with health and community services and with local people, if we are going to improve health and wellbeing. The meetings are held in public and you can view the agenda and accompanying papers before the meeting using our Modern.Gov System.   Who sits on the board?

News update

Our Chair, Cllr Yvonne Davies wants to keep everyone updated on what's happening at the Board. You can read her plain English blog to stay up to date.

You can also read the agenda and papers from our last board meeting.

Due to the current Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19), we were unable to go ahead with our meeting planned for March 2020.

The next meeting will be in a virtual format and take place on Thursday 11 June, with the papers published 5 working days in advance.

What are we doing?

In order to make improvements we first need to have an accurate picture of the health and care needs of people in Sandwell now, and what is needed for the future. We must:

  • agree on what is most important
  • plan out what we need to do to make the biggest impact
  • be clear about how this will happen, who will do it and when
  • set measurable aims and objectives, so we can report on the progress we are making.

Finding out what local people need

NEW!! The Board is working on a refresh of its Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. This is the detail that board members collect and share that shows us what the current and future health and social care needs of people in Sandwell are. We are refreshing the needs assessment to reflect the borough Vision for 2030 and its ambitions; focusing on what's strong not what's wrong.

Whilst we are working on this, there are still a number of legacy JSNAs which you may want to take a closer look at. Go to Sandwell Trends to find out more.

NEW: This year, the Board will also be refreshing its Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. We are busy thinking about what this could look like but we will be asking local people, partners and providers of services to develop and review it with us later on this year.  Our current priorities are shown below.

Planning to make an impact

The Health and Wellbeing Board wants to work with local people to improve health and wellbeing and make sure that everyone who lives and works in Sandwell is treated fairly, with the same chances in life as everyone else.

All of this, and what the board are going to do to achieve these aims, is described in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016 - 2020.

Our priority areas

The board has identified four key priorities where we feel we can make an impact. They are:

  • We will help keep people healthier for longer,
  • We will help keep people safe and support communities,
  • We will work together to join up services, and
  • We will work closely with local people, partners and providers of services.

In January 2017, the Board agreed that in order to make specific improvements to the lives of local Sandwell people it needed to focus down on two priorities and work out how we can best make improvements jointly. The board agreed to focus on priority 3; We will work together to join up services and priority 2; We will help keep people safe and support communities. Each focus theme is being developed and led by an elected councillor and lead officer who will drive change.

  1. Improving the support people receive at the end of their lives
  2. Helping adults with mental health issues better find the support they need
  3. Lessening the time it takes for people to be discharged from hospital.

We are also working on Priority 2- We will help keep people safe and support communities. We are working closely with the police and other partners to reduce violence and exploitation - the focus theme for this will be reducing adverse childhood experiences, led by Lesley Hagger. This important work is linked to Prevention of Violence and Exploitation, our umbrella term for the councils work on modern slavery, adult abuse, child exploitation and other violence or exploitation based work-streams.

ADDING VALUE: Our Chair, Cllr Yvonne Davies, is now part of a joint statutory board chairs group. The people attending the meeting are the chairs of the 4 statutory boards, the Health and Wellbeing Board, the Safeguarding Adult's Board, the Safer Sandwell Partnership and the Sandwell Safeguarding Children's Partnership

The statutory partnership board Chair's now meet on a regular basis throughout the year with the aim of considering and working on an agreed set of priorities that support key pieces of collaborative work going on across the council and with partners.

The board chairs recognise and understand the significance that working in a collaborative manner has and have chosen two priorities where they believe they can add real value as a cross-board partnership. They are Prevention of Violence and Exploitation and developing a strong, joint engagement, training and communications offer.

The chairs have developed a partnership protocol which lays out an agreed set of values and behaviours that will underpin and strengthen partnership working.  You can view the partnership protocol here. Don't forget to get in touch if you have any queries about the group or have an agenda item suggestion.

Let us know your views

What do you think of our plans? Do you think the board is focusing on the right things? What are your experiences in your local area? What are you doing and how can you help to improve health and wellbeing in Sandwell?

Contact us

You can contact the Health and Wellbeing Board by emailing a member of the board directly, or by email to

Start a conversation on Twitter - contact us @SandwellHWBB