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Online forms: Free school meals

Are you eligible? Simply complete this form - it's as easy as that!

The cost of school meals is currently valued at over:

  • £360 for one child
  • £720 for two children
  • £1,080 for three children
  • £1,440 for four children

Please do not complete this form if you receive any Working Tax Credit as you will not qualify for free school meals.

In accordance with our service standards, your claim will be processed within seven working days. If however you require further information or assistance please contact the Free School Meals Team on 0121 569 8189 or 8186.

Data Protection Act 1998: The information that you give on this application form will be used for the purpose of processing your application for Free School Meals. The LEA is under a duty to protect the public funds it handles and may use the information you have provided to prevent and detect fraud with other organisations that handle public funds. It may also share this information with Benefit Agencies, other schools and Sandwell Child Health Service.