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Online forms: Children and young adults disability and special needs registration form

Under the 1989 Children Act, the council has a duty to keep a Register of Children and Young Adults with Disabilities/Special Needs whose home address is in the borough of Sandwell.

The register is parent led - it is your choice whether or not to have your child's details included on the register.

Why register?

If you choose to register you will receive an information pack providing you with information specific to parents/carers of children with disabilities, you will also receive information about services, events, and activities etc avaliable locally in Sandwell and nationally that we feel might benefit you and/or your child.

You will also be sent a copy of our Sunshine Newsletter twice a year, as well as invitations to events such as local conferences etc.

Allowing your child's details to be included in the register will help us to plan future services more accurately, leading to longer term benefits for all families and children.

Please note that a child /young person is eligible to be on the register until their 25th birthday.