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Extra testing in Smethwick area due to Covid-19 variant | Sandwell Council

Councillor surgeries this week have been suspended

In light of the recent tragic events in Essex and as a mark of respect, councillor surgeries this week (18-24 October) have been suspended. More details and how to contact your councillor →

Extra testing in Smethwick area due to Covid-19 variant

Thank you to everyone who took part in extra Covid-19 testing in Smethwick/Cape Hill after a case of the variant first discovered in South Africa was identified in the area.

This targeted testing, which ran from 15 April to 2 May 2021, has now finished.

The postcodes of streets where testing took place were:

B66 3AB,  B66 3AE,  B66 3AU,  B66 3BZ,  B66 3DB,  B66 3EJ,  B66 3EN,  B66 3ER,  B66 3ES,  B66 3ET,  B66 3EU,  B66 3EW,  B66 3EX,  B66 3HA,  B66 3HB,  B66 3HD,  B66 3HE,  B66 3HH,  B66 3HN,  B66 3HP,  B66 3HR,  B66 3HT,  B66 3HU,  B66 3HW,  B66 3HX,  B66 3LX,  B66 3NA,  B66 3ND,  B66 3NT,  B66 3NU,  B66 3NW,  B66 3PA,  B66 3PB,  B66 3PD,  B66 3PJ,  B66 3PN,  B66 3PQ,  B66 3PR,  B66 3PS,  B66 3PT,  B66 3PU,  B66 3PX,  B66 3PZ,  B66 3QB,  B66 3QD,  B66 3QL,  B66 3QR,  B66 3QU,  B66 3RU,  B66 3RX,  B66 3RY,  B66 3RZ,  B66 3SA,  B66 3SB,  B66 3SE,  B66 3SF,  B66 3SG,  B66 3SH,  B66 3SQ,  B66 3TB,  B66 3TP,  B66 3TR,  B66 3TT,  B66 4HD,  B66 4HH,  B66 4HN,  B66 4HP,  B66 4HQ,  B66 4HU,  B66 4HW,  B66 4JA,  B66 4JE,  B66 4JN,  B66 4JS,  B66 4JU,  B66 4JW,  B66 4JX,  B66 4JY,  B66 4JZ,  B66 4LA,  B66 4LD,  B66 4LF,  B66 4LG,  B66 4LH,  B66 4LJ,  B66 4LL,  B66 4LN,  B66 4LQ,  B66 4NH,  B66 4NQ,  B66 4NT,  B66 4PB,  B66 4PH,  B66 4PQ,  B66 4PX,  B66 4PZ,  B66 4QJ,  B66 4QN,  B66 4QP,  B66 4QR,  B66 4QS,  B66 4QT,  B66 4QW,  B66 4QY,  B66 4QZ,  B66 4RN,  B66 4RQ,  B66 4RS,  B66 4RX,  B66 4RZ,  B66 4SA,  B66 4SD,  B66 4SF,  B66 4SG,  B67 6DJ,  B67 6DL,  B67 6DN,  B67 6DW,  B67 6EY,  B67 6EZ,  B67 6HB. 

Any positive tests will be analysed to identify any further spread, enabling a better understanding of the variant and identifying if there are any more cases of this particular strand of virus in the area.

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If you have symptoms of Covid-19 (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) you should book a test in the usual way.

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