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Information Point - P3 Charity | Sandwell Council

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Information Point - P3 Charity

Record details

Service Provider Name P3 Charity
Service Safe place to stay and assess. We provide housing and support to those at risk of homelessness.
Address1 West Bromwich and Tipton
Post Code DY4 9RU and B70 9SR
Where do they provide service from? Supported housing
Expiry of services November 2021
Telephone 0121 525 6880/ 0121 522 4161
Contact position Service Manager
Area covered Tipton and West Bromwich
Who is the service for? 18+ Mixed gender
Referral route Contact Supported Housing Independence pathway on 0121 368 1166
Specific ethnic group? No
Summary of services Our Sandwell service offers safe accommodation and 24/7 on-site staff support for adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
When are the services run? 7 days a week
Time details 24 hours a day
Remit We also offer a specialist service for people who have been diagnosed with mental ill-health and are currently experiencing a crisis. 
Chargeable service? No
Cost of service N/A
Means tested No
Total capacity of service 14 long term 2 emergency provision 4 Crisis
Transport Provided Not applicable
CQC Registered Not applicable
Sandwell Approved List Not applicable