Mark our Scorecard

Sandwell Council is here to work for you, the people of our borough. You have a right to know what we are doing, why we are doing it - and the progress we make on what we say we will do. This Scorecard aims to let you know just that. We have designed it so you can choose exactly how much information you get about what the council is doing. In this way you can make your own judgement about the council's performance. We hope you use it to mark our Scorecard!

You can see on this video what the Scorecard is all about - and how it works.

A great place to be

We see Sandwell as a great place with great people and great prospects for the future. We also want the council's performance to be great so we can help turn that future into reality for us all.

Great people

Great place

Great prospects

Great performance

Scorecard Annual Reports

The Scorecard shows what the council is doing, measures our progress and gives people a chance to have their say. The Scorecard Annual Report sets out what we have done to achieve these goals, for each of the following years:

Scorecard 2014/17

The Scorecard 2014/17 is now live on the internet and contains new aims and objectives to update the 2011/14 aims and objectives.