Council urges people to dispose of waste safely

Published 7th August 2020

Sandwell Council is urging people to dispose of masks and gloves safely or face a £100 fine for littering.

The council has described the current behaviour of a small minority of people littering streets and parks as “unacceptable” and warns of tough measures to help keep Sandwell tidy.  

Sandwell Council’s environmental protection officers have powers to issue £100 fixed penalty fines to anyone caught dropping disposal face masks/gloves or general litter.

Enforcement officers patrol the six towns of Sandwell seven days a week and can enforce against those who throw litter from their cars as well as walking or picnicking in the parks. 

Councillor Maria Crompton, deputy leader for Sandwell Council said: “With face coverings now compulsory on public transport, we are seeing more of these thrown on the street – as well as gloves and other general litter.

“Our officers are on high alert and will be patrolling our six towns and will not hesitate to issue on-the-spot fines as part of our on-going attempts to keep Sandwell litter free. You have been warned.

Councillor Joanne Hadley, cabinet member for safer communities said: “If you use disposable masks and gloves you must put them in the bin when you get home. They cannot be recycled and must go in with your household waste in your grey bin. 

“It is not only irresponsible but also puts others at risk if such items are not disposed of correctly. If you are visiting our parks or green spaces, do not drop litter. If bins are full then take your rubbish home with you and dispose of it in your household waste and recycling bins.  

“It's simple - keep our streets, parks and green spaces free from litter and play your part in keeping yourself and others safe by disposing of your waste correctly.”

If you think you have COVID-19 (coronavirus), you must separate your tissues, masks, gloves and wipes from your normal rubbish.

  • double bag these items
  • set aside for at least 72 hours
  • put in your grey household rubbish bin
  • Don't put these items in your recycling bin