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Children tackle dangerous parking at Ferndale Primary

Published 27th September 2019

Mansi, Zaara and Martin from Ferndale Primary with their winning designs

Children at Ferndale Primary in Great Barr have launched a campaign to make the roads safer around their school.

Concerns had been raised last summer that a number of parents and carers were parking irresponsibly, parking wholly on pavements forcing pedestrians in to the road, blocking residential driveways and parking too close to school entrances making it dangerous for everyone walking in to school.

Staff from Ferndale Primary and Sandwell Council's road safety team are working together to educate children and parents about parking safely in the roads surrounding the school.

Children were asked to enter a competition to create designs with messages that would make people think about why everyone should park responsibly.

Seven children’s designs were chosen as winners, some of the children have now moved to secondary school but they have left their mark in the community with their thought-provoking messages and images.

Mansi, Zaara and Martin are also winners and all the children have  seen their designs made into signs which are now displayed on lighting columns around the area and on two banners around the perimeter of the school.

Rachel Sutton, deputy headteacher at Ferndale Primary, said: "We are working tirelessly to support concerned residents and parents in ensuring our children can arrive and leave school safely. We hope this campaign will raise awareness of some our parking issues around school and will encourage parents to park safely."

Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for sustainable transport Councillor Jackie Taylor said: "Well done to all the children including Mansi, Zaara and Martin from Ferndale for designing such eye-catching posters.

“Children have helped us by speaking to their families about our concerns and encouraging them to park further away from school and walk the rest of the way, or walk to school if they live near enough.

"I really hope parents and carers take on board the children's messages and park safely away from school."