Drug-related deaths fall in Sandwell

Published 15th August 2019

Deaths related to drug misuse are still falling in Sandwell – bucking a rising national trend.

National figures released today (Thursday 15 August) show Sandwell has the lowest rate of drug-related deaths in the West Midlands and is also well below the national average.

Councillor Farut Shaeen, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for living healthy lives, said: “Any death due to drug misuse is a tragic event. So we are pleased to see the death rate in Sandwell is so low and still falling.

“Sandwell has the lowest rate of drug-related deaths in the West Midlands and is the only area in our region to be significantly lower than the national rate.

“The continued reduction in the number of drug-related deaths in Sandwell is thanks to the work we do with high-risk drug users and preventative projects to educate young people of the dangers of drugs. We will continue to work with partner organisations and our local community to prevent drug-related deaths in the future.”

Initiatives helping to reduce drug-related deaths in Sandwell include:

  • specific support for high-risk users, including those transferring from custody
  • providing naloxone (a medication used to block the effects of opioids, especially in overdose)
  • having processes in place aimed at learning from any serious incidents
  • providing services aimed at preventing drug misuse among young people

Cranstoun Sandwell provides free and confidential advice and support to adults in Sandwell, who would like to talk about alcohol or drugs. Call 0121 553 1333 or go to the Cranstoun Sandwell webpage.