Community project boosts health

Published 20th December 2018

Wednesbury Baptist Church
Connecting faith centres to health opportunities

A town grant is helping people take up health activities across Sandwell’s six towns.

Health workers from Health Connectors are engaging with groups at faith centres across the borough to encourage people to eat more healthily and become more physically active.
The scheme, which was launched at Wednesbury Baptist Church, is working with churches, gurdwaras, mosques and temples to reach out to people across diverse faiths.

Anam Choudhury, from Sandwell Community Hubs, which is behind the scheme, said: “We’re committed to connecting faith centres to health opportunities to help reduce the burden of obesity and other chronic diseases to boost physical activity.

“We’re working  with Health Connectors, delivering a range of activities such as health workshops, events and advice services from 30 faith centres across Sandwell.

“We’re creating links to between public health services and faith centres bringing  health services closer to communities.”

Councillor Syeda Khatun, deputy leader said: “This is an innovative project which is reaching out to communities through the borough’s network of faith centres encouraging people to take advantage of wide range of health activities.”

Any faith centres wanting to register for the scheme can contact The Health Connectors on 01384 636731 or find out more information

The project is supported by a Sandwell Council town grant of £24,000 awarded to Sandwell Community Hubs.