Recycling Right campaign launches

Published 26th September 2018

A special “Recycle Right” campaign has been launched in Sandwell tying in with this year’s national Recycle Week (24-30 September).

The awareness campaign, run by Sandwell Council and its waste partner Serco, aims to highlight the range of items that can be recycled in the blue-lid bin.

Councillor David Hosell, cabinet member for highways and environment said: “Recycling is now firmly on the national agenda and people have become more aware of what they use and the impact it has on the environment. Recycling really matters and makes a big difference on reducing the amount of raw materials needed to make new products.

“Our Recycle Right message is a simple but important one. Only the right type of items, which should be clean, dry and loose, should be put into the blue-lid bins.

“We want to highlight the items that can be recycled and encourage residents to check that they are recycling all that they can while not mistakenly placing unsuitable items in the blue-lid bin. ”

“I do hope that people will respond to this campaign and use their recycling bins to make a difference for our local and global environments.”

John Mason, Regional Contract Director for SERCO, said, “It’s been positive to see the prominence of recycling messages increase in the national media recently. However, with many different messages coming from a range of sources, it can be confusing for residents to know what can and can’t be recycled in the blue-lid bin here in Sandwell.

“If the wrong types of items are placed into blue-lid bins it causes problems when the materials are sent to the plant for recycling. Having incorrect items such as clothing, toys, nappies and bags of household waste mixed in with good recycling can mean lorry loads of recycling are turned away.

We want the Recycle Right campaign to draw attention to the correct items that can be recycled in the blue-lid bin.”

 The types of items which can be recycled in the blue-lid bin are:

  • drink cans and food tins
  • plastic bottles and tubs
  • glass bottles and tubs
  • foil trays and aerosols
  • newspapers and magazines
  • card and cardboard boxes

More information on waste and recycling in Sandwell can be found on the bins and recycling webpage