Five foot deep hole opens up in Tipton street

Published 16th May 2018

Hole in Mamby Street

A five foot deep hole has been filled with more than 13 tonnes of concrete after it opened up in a Tipton street.

The void, thought to be the remnants of an old canal wharf, opened up in the pavement in front of a garden wall in Mamby Street, Tipton on Monday (14 May).

Although it started off being the size of a fist, council workers realised how deep it was and opened up the pavement so they could see the extent of the problem.

After making it safe, investigations with the Coal Authority revealed it wasn’t associated with any old mine workings.

Sandwell Council highways engineers and contractors Hills Concrete Ltd filled the hole with 13-and-a-half tonnes of concrete this morning (Wednesday 16 May).

Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for highways and environment Councillor David Hosell said: “It was a bit of a mystery – we were told on Monday evening about this small hole in the pavement and staff secured it with fencing while we could take a look at what was going on.

“When holes occur like this, you expect it to be old mining works because of the history of the area, but we were told it was probably an old canal wharf that used to terminate in the area.”


hole filled