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Fly-tippers caught "pink-handed" by trail of paint leading to their back gate

Published 11th April 2018


A trail of pink paint led Sandwell Council officers to the door of fly-tippers in Smethwick.

The householders have been fined £400 for dumping paint pots and bags of rubbish at the top of an alleyway behind their home.

When officers from the council’s fly-tipping crackdown team went to check for evidence of who had dumped the rubbish, they noticed a trail of pale pink splashes leading from the alleyway, through a back gate and onto the back lawn of a house.

The people who lived there initially denied dumping anything – but when officers looked inside their home, they could see the lounge  had recently been painted the same colour.

They then admitted dumping the paint pots and rubbish bags.One of the council officers who attended the scene said: “We’d spotted the rubbish and went back to see if there was any evidence of who had dumped it.

“We walked down the alleyway and noticed there was a trail of pink paint leading from where the bags were through the alley, to a back gate and right up onto the back lawn of this house.

“Then we went into their back room which was also painted pink. At that point they accepted they had dumped the rubbish.

“I suppose you could say we caught them pink-handed.”

Sandwell Council launched a major crackdown on fly-tipping last May and almost 60 people have since been hit with £400 fixed penalties for dumping rubbish.

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