Community clean-up at school and cemetery

Published 4th January 2018

Litter Watch volunteers have been praised for their efforts to clean up an area in Smethwick.

The Litter Watch team and volunteers worked to clean up the areas in the Thimblemill Road area during a week-long visit by the Eco Bus to Annie Lennard Primary School.

As the volunteers worked from the bus parked on GKN car park they decided to approach a garage owner and asked if they could do a litter makeover.

Litter Watch chief officer Alicia Wingfield said: "The garage owner had previously removed fly-tipping but more had been tipped and he agreed we could remove it with the help of cemetery staff.

"We had paint left over from a previous project and so the volunteers were able to prepare and paint over the graffiti and remove fly-tipping and generally clean the area.

"The owner was very happy with the outcome and thanked the Litter Watch team for their hard work and support."

Thimblemill Cemetery, which is one of the busiest in the borough, has a right of way which runs alongside it to Annie Lennard Primary and the local housing estate.

Many people use the link on a daily basis and the dropping of litter is seen as a big problem.

Councillor Syeda Khatun, deputy leader of Sandwell Council, said: This was a very impressive effort by the Litter Watch team and the volunteers who support the projects.

"It was important to do this work because visitors to the cemetery see the graffiti and rubbish which is a problem and is not the image we want to see for our potential Green Flag sites."

The much-praised Litter Watch team has, after support from the Communities Team and a newly-developed Community Partnership Project, a new member of staff to support volunteers and deliver the clean-up campaign work.