Chinese delegation on fact-finding visit to Sandwell bereavement services

Published 19th December 2017

Councillor David Hosell welcomes the delegation from the Chinese government

A delegation from the Chinese government was recently invited by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities to visit Sandwell Valley Crematorium.

Sandwell Council cabinet member Councillor David Hosell welcomed the party from the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs who came to find out about the UK's approach to burial and cremation.

Rick Powell, secretary and executive officer with the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities, said he was delighted that Sandwell had been willing to host the meeting after he had been asked by the Chinese government to provide a training session.

Delegates wanted to have a better understanding of the UK’s approach to laws and regulations regarding burial and cremation, the structure of UK burial and cremation services, codes of practice and service delivery.

Councillor Hosell said: "It was a pleasure to welcome delegates from China, who were all experienced senior officials. 

"Given the extensive breadth of excellent services and facilities provided by our bereavement team, the Federation felt there was no better place than Sandwell for the delegation to visit to see how this should be delivered."