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Church donation boost to looked after children in Sandwell

Published 14th December 2016

Great Barr church donations

Sandwell Council’s Children's Service Christmas toy appeal for Looked After Children has got off to a great start with a fantastic donations of toys for all ages from the congregation at Great Barr Methodist Church.

Councillor Simon Hackett, Cabinet Member for Children's Services, received the donations on behalf of Sandwell’s Looked After Children & Young People from the church congregation including donations organiser Dorothy Clive.

“It’s great to know that people are thinking about the children and young people at this time of year,” Councillor Hackett commented, adding “we are always very grateful for public support for our fostering service.”

Great Barr Methodist Church has been supporting Sandwell’s Looked After Children for several year and their generous donations of toys and games for children of all ages are a real boost to the children who will receive them and their foster carers.

Councillor Hackett added, “Not everyone can be a foster carer, but this is a great example of how people can help, whether it’s making a donation or simply spreading the word.  So if you have an interest in working with children, but you’re not sure about fostering, please get in touch with us.  Our team are always willing to help and advise people about how to become a foster carer.” 

To contact Sandwell Fostering Service call 0800 358 0899, visit the council's fostering webpage or search Facebook for Sandwell Fostering.