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Warren Close grot spot cleaned up

Published 27th October 2016

A special 'grot spot' cash grant was used to fence and gate a problem site at Tipton which was used by nuisance drinkers, drug users and fly-tippers.

Local residents complained about the problems in Warren Close, including the wanton  vandalism on the site, and the fact that motorists caused a nuisance by using it as a short-cut route for dropping and picking-up children to and from school.

Councillor Bill Cherrington, deputy town lead for Tipton, took up the complaints and after a successful 'grot spot' bid for £4,500 was made, the cash was used to block off the entrance off the main road to stop the short cuts and  motorist nuisance. A gate was installed at the other end of the car park.

Councillor Cherrington said: "This work has been welcomed by residents and they have said they have now started to use the car park, the fly-tipping has stopped and the short-cut driving is no longer a problem.

"This is a good use of 'grot spot' funding  and residents are more than happy with the improvement that the money has brought to this problem site."