Counterfeit goods seized

Published on 2nd August 2013

More than £40,000 of fake goods have been seized in a raid in the Tividale area.

The raid was carried out by Sandwell Trading Standards and police.

They seized around 3,000 counterfeit Blue Ray DVDs in the raid which was carried out on July 23.

Upon entry to the building they noticed a laptop and printer that was being used to produce the latest CDs and DVDs.

Also seized were counterfeit Dr Dre headphones, Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo handbags, Rolex, Tag Heur and Gucci watches among many other items.

One of the occupants was dealt with for a separate drugs offence and further enquiries are still being carried out. 

Bob Charnley, trading standards manager,  said: "When you purchase the counterfeit items that my officers have seized you are getting a seriously inferior product to that of the genuine article.

"When it stops working you do not have the legal rights as you would do if you were to purchase a legitimate item.

"My advice would simply be to avoid them and let us know who are selling them. The sale of counterfeit items harms the reputation of the trade mark holder not to mention the potential loss of further sales.

"Counterfeiting is often linked with other criminal activity and supports criminal groups such as drug trafficking, people trafficking, pornography and other organised crime."

Paul Moore, Cabinet member for trading standards, said: ''Fake products are often half the price of legal ones.

"While most people believe they are getting a bargain, many do not realise the effect buying fake products has on them and their community.

"The sale of counterfeit goods is a serious criminal offence which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment."