Updates from the council on coronavirus

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Coronavirus - get emergency help from the council

If you need urgent, practical support to self-isolate, we can help.

First of all - please check our information on community groups and volunteers and see if there is some help available in your area.

If you have no existing help in your area and you need support from the council, please fill in our online form.

Get emergency help from the council

If you cannot use the online form call or if you urgently need help or support and you have no family or neighbours to help you, please call 0121 569 2266 (option 2).

We will do our best to help with food deliveries, medical supplies and anything else you may need.

We will not ask for money now.

Paying for anything the council helps you with during this time can be sorted out at a later date.

Just contact us to see what help we can give you. Please remember:

  • If anyone turns up saying they are from the council and we haven’t called you first (and they don’t have council identification) do not let them in.
  • If the council is helping you at this time our staff will not ask for payment.
  • Do not hand over money to a stranger and never share your PIN number.