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Public Consultation

Community Infrastructure Levy

Certain aspects of Town Grants funding is covered by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), any funding applications covered by CIL requires public consultation for a period of 14 days before a decision can be made.

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Project code: SMK01

Project name: North Smethwick Development Trust

Survey Duration from: 04th August 2020 - 19th August 2020

Project Details: 

North Smethwick Development Trust is a registered charity based at the Brasshouse Community Centre in Smethwick.

The organisation is based in the heart of a local neighbourhood affected by multiple deprivations and provides a range of services and activities either independently or with other local agencies to improve the lives of local families, older adults, children and young people. 

The request for CIL funding is to support their Your Local Pantry project where members contribute £4.00 per week to gain access to a minimum of 10 items (approximately £15.00 worth of shopping) including fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled and frozen products as well as toiletries.  The shop will be community led and run by volunteers supporting development of crucial skills and work experience.

Additional benefits of the Pantry model are that it will be run mainly by volunteers, offering people opportunities to gain valuable work experience, build confidence and forge relationships with others in the community. Social isolation is also reduced as members meet before and after the Pantry opening times. 

Pantries are designed to look and feel like any typical local shop, by offering members choice and an opportunity to contribute financially, members feel valued and it removes any stigma associated with other initiatives helping to relieve food poverty.

The North Smethwick Development Trust require CIL funding support to purchase the equipment to display the produce available to ensure the feel of a local shop. The equipment requested is a commercial upright display fridge, freezer and shelving kits.

Amount of funding being requested: £2,577.62

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West Bromwich

Project code: WB01

Project name: West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre

Survey Duration from: 04th August 2020 - 19th August 2020

Project Details: 

The West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre is based in Thomas Street, West Bromwich. The organisation is a charity and works to benefit African Caribbean communities and aims to offer life chances to local people.

The CIL funding to supply and fit new external shutters to the building following a number of break in's to the Resource Centre in recent years.

The installation of four new shutters will upgrade the external security of the building and will aim to reduce the likelihood of further break in's occurring in the future. This work should also impact positively on volunteers and local people feeling safer that attend the Resource centre.

Amount of funding being requested: £3,500.00

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