Education - Special educational needs

What does special educational needs mean?

If a child has a learning difficulty or a disability that makes it harder for them to learn than most children of their age, they may have special educational needs (SEN).

As many as one in five children may experience some kind of difficulty in learning at some point of their school life.

Special educational needs in schools

All children with SEN should have their needs met. Most children will get the help they need from their school or early years setting.

Every school in Sandwell has a teacher, the SENCO, who is responsible for co-ordinating support for pupils with SEN in their school.

If you are worried about your child's progress ask for a discussion with the SENCO and/or the class teacher so that you can explain your concerns and hear how the school will be able to help.

Support and advice for parents and carers

Parents and carers play a vital role in their child's development and any discussions about how a child's special educational needs should be met.

Their views should always be taken into account and the wishes of the child should also be heard.

Staff at Sandwell SEN service are always ready to answer questions and to work in partnership with parents on issues related to a child's special needs.

We recognise that it is vital for parents and carers to be fully involved in discussions about their child.

Handbook for parents

Please see the relevant sections of the Sandwell "A Guide for Parents and Carers"

Schools in Sandwell

Schools in the local area

Other schools

Education after age 16

If you or your child are looking for options after leaving school there are lots of local colleges that are able to help.

Code of Practice on Special Educational Needs

The SEN Code of Practice provides guidance from the Department of Education to all schools and local authorities on how to carry out their statutory responsibilities.

The SEN Code Of Practice suggests that the more flexible and responsive a teacher's strategies are, the more likely it is that pupils with a range of learning needs will make adequate progress.

Parent partnership

The Sandwell Parent Partnership service provides neutral advice and support to help parents and carers involved in discussions about their child's SEN.

Travel assistance

Is your child eligible for help with travelling to school? We also provide training to help your child travel independently to school.

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