Investing in people, businesses and jobs

Investing in people, businesses and jobs

Thriving businesses - and the jobs they create - are fundamental to a borough that works well. It's the best way to tackle poverty.

We're striving to promote a sustainable local economy which provides:

  • the right environment for businesses to prosper; and
  • people with new jobs and opportunities.

This means working with partners - the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership and others - to provide the conditions for growth and encourage social enterprises to set up and succeed.

A key tool is our updated Economic Prospectus, which showcases the services we offer business and highlights areas for future development. We will be using it to help create the conditions for companies to invest in the borough, thus safeguarding and creating jobs and wealth. We also have a new agency to help developers invest in Sandwell.

Businesses need efficient transport links so we will also be working to improve our road networks and junctions.

We'll be continuing our projects to help people find jobs (and benefit from big developments under way in Sandwell), and we're especially keen to help young people make the most of their chances and take part in training and education so they can get good jobs.

We will be:

  • providing more high-quality council work experience placements, training and apprenticeships than ever before; and
  • running more 'boot camps' for young people not involved in education, employment or training (or who have been involved in anti-social behaviour) to give them a better chance of jobs, apprenticeships or education.

The other side of the anti-poverty coin is helping people get the benefits they are entitled to quickly and accurately.

We will also help people manage the money they have as well as they can - important when welfare reform changes are shifting benefits online.

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