Cleaner streets and more recycling

Cleaner streets and more recycling

We know that the way your neighbourhood looks is a top priority for residents. You consistently tell us that clean streets and a reliable weekly rubbish collection really matter to you.

That's why we've invested time and effort over the past few years into our link-up with waste improvement partner Serco - the council's single biggest 'green' initiative - to try to get these vital things right.

We're going to carry on investing to make more progress.

In practical terms, to improve the look of your neighbourhood, this means things like:

  • intensive 'deep cleans' of persistent grime 'hot spots'around Sandwell alongside our routine street cleaning rounds; and
  • coordinating street cleaning rounds with waste collections so we can stop extra litter building up.

We're also stepping up a specific campaign to tidy up neighbourhoods by selling off small plots of unused land that can quickly become an eyesore (to neighbouring householders and businesses, for example, that can make good use of them).

Boosting recycling is a 'win, win' all round.

As a resident it saves you cash because reusing paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, cans and other materials - rather than just throwing them into holes in the ground - helps keep council tax lower by cutting the landfill charges we have to pay.

It's also, of course, much better for our environment - and you get a chance to do your bit by sorting materials for recycling.

We'll keep up our weekly collections of household, recycling, household batteries and general food waste, as well as our fortnightly, all-year-round collections of garden waste.

We're glad to see that central government has highlighted the quality of our waste and recycling collections and we're committed to keeping them up.

What will we do?

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We have clear plans for the future in this area. Our aim is to continue to develop the things we do so that you, as residents, feel the benefit. Find out more about what we will do.

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