Homes that meet people`s current and future needs

Homes that meet people's current and future needs

It's great that more people are choosing to live in Sandwell.

This means we need to do more so you have a roof over your head - and make sure your housing is of a standard and size that meets you and your family's needs.

We're already doing a number of things to meet these needs - and will continue to do so.

Firstly, to supply new homes of the right quality, whether for sale or for rent, we will be:

  • encouraging more new building by earmarking suitable sites;
  • making sure the homes built on them are of high standards;
  • building our own council houses; and
  • encouraging housing associations and commercial house builders to put up more affordable homes for rent or sale.

Our aim is that a mix of homes, set in attractive green public spaces across Sandwell, will help provide a choice of good quality housing for local people and their families.

Secondly, we will progress our efforts to improve and make better use of existing homes.

This means continuing our programmes to tackle tenancy fraud, invest in council houses to meet higher standards (with a particular focus on insulation and energy efficiency to help people cut their bills) - and to enable single people who live in larger properties to switch to somewhere smaller, thus freeing up their homes for large families and cutting overcrowding.

In the private sector, we'll be doing what we can to improve vulnerable people's homes and further develop our specific schemes to:

  • bring empty properties back into use; and
  • agree with landlords to let properties on their behalf to people on the council waiting list.

Thirdly, we'll be developing new models to deliver specialist housing schemes, for example for older people, to provide an alternative to residential care.

Finally, we'll continue our work with residents and landlords to help them save cash on their fuel bills and make their properties more energy-efficient.

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We have clear plans for the future in this area. Our aim is to continue to develop the things we do so that you, as residents, feel the benefit. Find out more about what we will do.

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