In your neighbourhood

In your neighbourhood

We appreciate you want to take pride in your neighbourhood, where there is a sense of community and a place where young people can thrive.  You want your homes to be in safe places where people are happy, healthy and prosperous.

We recognise, too, that you want to have your say so you get the council services you want when you want them.

All of this means us improving neighbourhoods in areas like:

  • cleanliness;
  • reducing litter and dog mess;and
  • working with partners such as police to cut anti-social behaviour, domestic violence and crime.

"Sandwell Local" - the new neighbourhood centres we are developing in each of our six towns will be at the heart of our services for people close to where they live. We will encourage community groups and volunteers - vital in creating great places to live - so they prosper, help design services that reflect community needs and help manage their neighbourhood and its facilities.

The centres will enable more of our staff to get out and about so you see them more as they work in your area, along with staff working for our partners.

We know that neighbours help and support each other, particularly in times of need.  That's why we will continue to develop initiatives such as our 'snow champions' and 'friends and neighbours' projects, which help unite communities and show what we can achieve when we work together.

Young people are at the heart of neighbourhoods. We will involve them in opportunities to be healthy and productive by giving them access to training, jobs and education as well as a range of social and leisure facilities.

Involving all ages in services - shaping and challenging them - is a 'bottom line' for us. Our whole approach means you will have even more opportunity to have a bigger say about your homes and neighbourhoods.

What will we do?

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We have clear plans for the future in this area. Our aim is to continue to develop the things we do so that you, as residents, feel the benefit. Find out more about what we will do.

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