Our Children: Sandwell's Future

Our Children: Sandwell's Future

We have a vital role in helping give Sandwell's children a good start in life.

Firstly, we have a duty to protect them from harm. We are currently radically overhauling our safeguarding systems after Ofsted judged them inadequate. We aim to:

  • prevent the need for children to come into care by working with families early before problems escalate (and joining up what we do with the health service, police and schools);
  • make sure young people in our care (for whom we act as parents) live safely, have their own social worker who visits regularly and are happy with their care;
  • help young people in our care become independent adults when they turn 18 - by supporting them to find somewhere suitable to live and choose further education, training or work; and
  • work closely with disabled children and their families so the young people have the same opportunities as others and get support as they become adults.

Secondly, although the Government is giving schools increasing independence, we continue to play a big part in education. Most schools choose to continue working with us as we all strive to make sure children attend school, enjoy their time there and get the best qualifications they can for whatever they go onto in life.

Exam results are improving year-on-year at all Key Stages and the proportion of children at schools judged good or better is rising every year.

Specific steps we are taking include:

  • 'early learning' help from our network of Children's Centres;
  • extra nursery places for two-year-olds;
  • expanding good schools to supply more places as more children are born or come to live in Sandwell;
  • improving sixth-form options by working with Sandwell College and helping develop a University Technical College in West Bromwich.  

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We have clear plans for the future in this area. Our aim is to continue to develop the things we do so that you, as residents, feel the benefit. Find out more about what we will do.

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