Cloth nappies

By the time your baby is potty trained you could have changed as many as 6,000 nappies, costing around £700 in disposables. In comparison you will only need around 25 cloth nappies, costing around £200 including the washing.

Cloth nappies are making a come back, but forget terry towelling squares and big pins. Cloth nappies now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colours, they are comfortable, easy to use and fashionable.

By using cloth nappies you can save money, help the environment and even colour co-ordinate them with your babies outfits!  

Cloth nappy cash back scheme

By using cloth nappies for your baby you will be reducing the amount of rubbish you produce. To help with buying new nappies we would like to say thank you by offering you £30 towards the cost of buying cloth nappies.