Religious Education

Agreed syllabus for Religious Education

Every Local Authority is required by law to review its Agreed Syllabus for RE through its Standing Advisory Council for RE every 5 years. The current Sandwell Agreed Syllabus for RE was published in 2012. To create it, the Local Authority worked through its Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE).

SACRE is a body made up of people who represent all the major faiths and educational stakeholders in Sandwell.

The 2012 syllabus reflects the central concern of the SACRE and Agreed Syllabus Conference: to provide practical, professional guidance and support to teachers in setting high standards for learning in RE for all Sandwell pupils.

The 2012 RE syllabus offers:
A clear account of the purposes of Religious Education.

A syllabus in which six elements of programmes of study provide for a comprehensive and balanced study of religions - these are:

  • Places of faith,
  • Holy books and sources of authority,
  • The natural world,
  • Festivals, celebrations, customs, practices and lifestyles
  • Founders and leaders
  • Expressing meaning and symbolism.

There are two attainment targets (AT) for RE:

  • AT 1: Learning about religion and life issues - knowledge and understanding
  • AT 2: Learning from religion and life issues - engaging, reflecting and responding.

The RE syllabus requires the exploration of questions and answers in the light of human experience and authentic encounters with religions, using key questions to develop and energize pupils' learning.

There are opportunities for pupils to learn from Christianity and the other principal religions of the world represented in the UK, and especially those significantly represented in Sandwell itself and the West Midlands, through the RE programme.

All pupils will study Christian, Sikh and Muslim religion, reflecting the makeup of Sandwell.

All pupils on the school roll are entitled to receive Religious Education. This includes pupils in the second year of the foundation stage and 16-19 year old students in school Sixth Forms.

This syllabus is the legal basis for RE in Sandwell schools where it applies (see Legal Guidance). Inspection will be based upon the implementation of this syllabus.

For the full syllabus for RE please visit The Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education Virtual Office.

This is a password protected area for Sandwell school based staff only.

If you would like to contribute to the review process for the next Agreed Syllabus, you are invited to contact the SACRE consultant, Mr Lat Blaylock, on