Religious Education

Religious Education is concerned with the deep meaning that individuals and groups make of their experiences and how this helps them give purpose to their lives.

The purpose of Religious Education (RE) is to help pupils to reflect upon the experiences and the mysteries of life and the contribution of religious and spiritual dimensions.

Since 1944, all schools have been required to teach RE to all pupils on roll (with the exception that parents have the right to withdraw their children from the subject). Therefore, along with English, Mathematics, Science, Information Technology and Secondary Citizenship, Religious Education is part of the Basic Curriculum.

The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education explains the value and purposes of RE for all pupils, and specifies for teachers what shall be taught in each age group. It provides a coherent framework for setting high standards of learning in RE, and enabling pupils to reach their potential in the subject.

As such, the Agreed Syllabus is parallel to the government's subject orders for the subjects of the National Curriculum.