Training Manager Online

Online Booking System

Training Manager is the Schools' Directorate's online booking system for courses conferences and events. This system has been in place since September 2007.

It was developed in response to head teachers' requests for a single point of reference for all such events and replaces the paper based booking system operated by the former Professional Learning Centre (PLC) and other units.

Each school sets up its own processes and procedures for effective communication of information about staff professional development opportunities and how to access these.

Some schools have chosen not to issue User Log In information to all staff (see below for details). It is not essential to issue this information as all staff can access all course details in the Training and Development Programme.

There are three types of log-ins:

1) General Log In

This log-in was set up at the request of some schools. It enables all school staff to view all details of courses and events in Training Manager Online. However, staff cannot submit courses to the school's TMOnline administrator using this log-in. The monthly user namer and password is published on the monthly training and development circular.

2) User Log In

This enables all school staff to view all details of courses and events in Training Manager Online. Using this log in school staff can submit booking requests to the school's TMOnline administrator who will approve or reject the application.

3) Admin Log In

The admin log is used by the school's TMOnline administrator to approve or reject applications for courses and events. Once a course is approved by the school administrator then the course or event is officially booked.

Approved applications are immediately available to the course or event provider. It is very important that there is a simple procedure for regularly checking new applications within the school. Until the school 'approves' the application the member of staff is not registered as attending a course or event.

Schools should only give the password for this login to those who are authorised to book external courses.

Please contact the Schools' Workforce Development Team for further information/queries:

Tel: 0121 569 8254

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