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School closures

Get updates on Facebook

Facebook iconWe post updates to the Sandwell Facebook page as soon as we hear from schools. So like our page for the most up to date information on any school closures in Sandwell.

You don't have to have a Facebook account to view our page - just go to our Sandwell page to see our most recent updates.

Get updates on Twitter

Twitter iconWe also tweet all Sandwell school closures on our Sandwell Council Twitter account. Follow @sandwellcouncil for the latest updates and help us spread the word by retweeting any closures that may be useful to your Twitter followers.

You don't have to be on Twitter to view the updates - just go to the @SandwellCouncil account to see our most recent updates.

Listen to the radio

You can also listen to local radio stations for information on school closures - Radio WMHeart, Free Radio or Capital.

For schools 

Schools are asked to report school closures to the council as soon as a closure decision has been made. Find out how by visiting the schools' Extranet page (login required).

We will then update parents about your school closure on this webpage, on our Twitter account and our Facebook page.