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Safer and Sustainable Travel Team

Sandwell's Safer and Sustainable Travel Team provides road safety education, training and publicity for residents across the Borough.

We are also responsible for the management and delivery of the school crossing patrol service.

We have a Road Safety Plan which is available to download.

Current information relating to travel and traffic in the West Midlands is available on the help2travel website.

Road safety education

A great deal of our work is delivered in partnership with schools. A full programme of activities are available for schools to help children develop their road safety awareness from starting to finishing their school education.

Learning to be safe on the roads is a life-long process. We visit pre-school groups and day nurseries to begin introducing very young children to the language of road safety.

We are currently introducing new digital interactive resources into our schools, and our new CD-Rom Sweet Street has been introduced into every Year One class during the 2015/16 academic year, and further resources will be available from October 2016.

We are available to deliver a road safety assembly in every school, key stage 1, key stage 2 or whole school. This allows us the opportunity to re-enforce vital road safety messages, respond to any changes in school’s local area and support schools in ensuring children arrive safely at school. 

As pupils progress through Secondary school, the focus changes again to the prospect of driving. A programme of pre-driver education is offered to pupils through Years 10, 11, 12 and 13. This programme includes partnership work with the Fire Service and aims to help young people develop a responsible attitude to driving and being a passenger.

For further information or to book an assembly or classroom session  please email roadsafety@sandwell.gov.uk or telephone Karen Hale on 0121 569 4116


During Key Stage 2, the focus moves to cycle training. In Year 6, pupils are given the chance to participate in on-road cycle training. this is a basic course designed to give children confidence to cycle on the roads and to practice the routines they need to manoeuvre safely at junctions. For more information please email  sandwell_bikeability@sandwell.gov.uk.


It has been recognised that one of the most dangerous stages in a child's development is the transition from Primary to Secondary school.  

Centro's Sustainable Travel Team offer schools a Sustainable Transport Workshop for Year 6 classes to link in with work on the transition to secondary schools.  Centro can also provide schools with resources and literature to promote sustainable transport options and provide information to facilitate sustainable choices.  

Teachers can visit the Let's Go Green website to download lesson plans, worksheets and the booking form as well as access the online forum, whilst pupils can learn through the interactive storybooks and comics featuring curriculum-led games and quizzes.

Centro is your main point of contact for public transport related issues associated with the school journey. Contact travelwiseschools@centro.org.uk or call 0121 214 7409.

School Travel Plans

School Travel Plans (STPs) are the ideal way for schools to formalise their commitment to providing a safe and sustainable environment for their pupils. An STP can identify the travel problems faced by a school and set out to find practical solutions to them, for example reducing congestion outside the school, and can help to promote active methods of travel for school journeys such as walking and cycling.

Through the STP process, schools can commit to pedestrian and cycle training as well as ensuring that road safety education is present throughout the curriculum. Primary Schools may also wish to set up Walking Buses, Park and Stride schemes and other Walk to School initiatives. Secondary schools may wish to provide cycle storage to increase the number of pupils travelling to school by bicycle. 

For advice on travel behaviour and continuing support for STPs please contact the Travelwise team.

Contact us

For road safety education Email: roadsafety@sandwell.gov.uk
Tel: 0121 569 4116 Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8.30am-5pm. Friday 8.30am-4.30pm

For other road safety concerns on the highway, log onto My Sandwell or call 0121 368 1177.

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