Important notice about payments (rent, council tax and other bills)

Due to essential maintenance, we won't be able to take payments over the phone or online between 12pm on Monday 16 July and 12pm on Tuesday 17 July. Cashiers desks at local offices will also be closed

Annual monitoring report

The Localism Act (and Town and Country Planning Regulation 2012) removes the requirement for local planning authorities to produce an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) for Government. However, the Act retains the overall duty to monitor the implementation of the Local Development Scheme and the extent to which the policies set out in the Local Development Documents are being achieved. For this resaon the Council will continue an AMR at least annually. The Localism Act gives more flexibility as to when and how often an AMR is prepared. The Council will now be able to choose which targets and indicators to include in the report.  

Previous Annual Monitoring Reports are available on this website.

A 5 -Year Housing Supply Paper has been produced which covers the period 2016/17 to 2020/21.